Thank you for visiting Concrete Creations!  Decorative
concrete is a quickly growing form of home/property
improvement.  It's relatively quick, cost effective, and
it can have a dramatic effect on a property's
appearance and appeal.

Serving the greater Columbia, South Carolina area, Concrete Creations
is a decorative concrete service provider located in Lexington, SC. We
enhance, or more appropriately, transform the appearance of existing
concrete from a monotonous Grey to an eye catching visual treat.  Using
Acrylic and Acid stains we can change the surface of your concrete to
look like tile, marble, cobblestones, brick and a number of other faux
and abstract themes.  The colored concrete is then engraved with faux
grout or seam lines to create the 3-D appearance of real joints.  We top
it off with modern and durable clear finishes to protect and enhance the
project. The end result can range from the subtle to the dramatic!
Concrete Creations
306 Quoin Ct.
Lexington, SC 29073